Onsite Service Rates

Think you might need a Little Computer Person?
We charge a flat hourly rate for onsite work, with no additional call-out fee*:

  • $120 per hour in Sydney
  • $99 in Melbourne
After the first hour, we charge in fifteen minute blocks.

Nearly 90% of our jobs are completed onsite, in just under an hour. We’ll talk with you before we start working on your computer to let you know how long we think the job might take.

Some jobs can’t be completed onsite, because we need to download and install software that would take hours, or run test programs overnight to ensure your computer’s behaving as it should. If we need to take your computer to our lab, we’ll return it once we’ve resolved the issue for no extra charge. We’ll arrange a time that’s convenient for you and make sure we’ve plugged your computer and all its components back in before we leave your home or business.

Work in our lab is charged at a lower rate, so for major issues, it’s a more cost-effective solution. We’ll discuss this with you onsite if it’s necessary to bring your computer back to our lab.

* Call-out fees apply only to jobs commencing well outside regular business hours, or jobs located outside our service area.