Services And Rates

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We do websites big and small

We offer everything from Ad Hoc repair work on a broken or hacked site to contracted ongoing maintenance with all attendant services cared and provided for. We make all level of website from $600 online brochures to higher end sites through to $20k portals.

We would love the opportunity to work with you in publishing a terrific online presence.

Our Process

1. Content Creation

what content do you have? A web site for a small/medium business is usually about taking your existing photographic/printed/written marketing material and making it as accessible as possible for viewers and as organised as possible for targeted SEO. Our role with content tends to be to fill in the gaps, so if you don’t have it or can’t get it or produce it, we make it.

2. Drafting & Design

we do a mock-up of as a graphic for you to have a look at and provide feedback on design elements, whether or not you like the presentation idea, layout etc. We make changes or do a new one until you decide that you like it to go the next step.

3. Development & Deployment

We put up a live test page, get your feedback, and do that until we have a finished published product.