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We provide Cloud Solutions in Sydney. If you’re ready to step into the cloud, we’ll be right by your side. ‘The Cloud’ is a term used to describe services that are based online, across a number of computers rather than on one individual computer. Cloud services allow you to access your information wherever you are and whatever device you’re using. As an example, you can work on a document at the office, save it to the cloud, then continue making changes from your home computer. Cloud services ensure your information is backed up, so if something should happen to your phone, tablet or computer, your data is safe. With so many emerging cloud services around, keeping up with the latest developments can be difficult. Don’t worry – we’ve done all the research for you. If there’s a cloud-based option that we think would be perfect for you or your business, we’ll let you know about it and help you get started. Call Little Computer People and we’ll answer all your questions about cloud-based computing. Together, we can help find the service that’s right for you.