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Data loss can prove catastrophic for small businesses. A recent study found that 75% of companies who suffered data loss went out of business entirely within the next six months. In Australia, data loss costs businesses around $65 billion per year*.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for businesses to ensure their information is backed up and secure. Once data has been lost, the costs of recovering it can be astronomic,and even then, success can be limited.

At Little Computer People, we know how much your data means to you and your business. Whether you need to ensure your current backup situation is adequate or you need advice on where to begin, make sure we’re your first stop. We’ll help you find and implement the most appropriate backup solution for your business. We’re quite proud of the fact that none of our server business customers have ever suffered data loss from a system we’ve implemented**.

We’re a small business, just like you. You can trust Little Computer People to help you take care of your valuable data. It’s best to be prepared. After all, your business stands to lose so much more than just data if something does go wrong.

Data Recovery

If things have already gone wrong, don’t panic. Just pick up the phone and call Little Computer People. For nearly ten years, we’ve helped countless clients recover data they thought they’d never see again. We can help you, too.

In most instances, data loss occurs when your computer’s hard drive fails. You may notice your computer begins running slowly or experiences difficulty booting – or you may notice no change at all in your computer’s performance.

If your computer starts behaving erratically, turn it off and call us. The sooner we’re able to assess a potentially faulty hard drive, the more of your data we’ll be able to recover.

Waiting will only allow your hard drive’s condition to degrade further, meaning it’ll take us longer to retrieve your files and increase the chance that some data may be lost permanently.

Once your data’s safe, we’d be happy to recommend a backup system that’s suited to your needs, ensuring you won’t find yourself in this position again.


* Study by Global IT Company EMC. For more information, click here
** When the customer has chosen to use our strongest recommendations for backing up their data.