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Software development

Software development IT Richmond Sydney Penrith

As software systems interact with all the other tasks we will have to complete on your behalf, you can benefit from operational synergy by allowing us to author or modify programs.

You only have to call one company, avoiding confusion, duplication, and things of an IT nature falling in the gaps between suppliers.

Web Design

Why risk having a do-it-yourself website that makes your business look second-rate?

Avoid the pitfalls of free website services that could see you lose control of your content. It could be disastrous for your business if you don’t update and secure your site or use search engine marketing (SEO) expertise.

Consider investing in a professional online presence that’s not just a static brochure.

Our specialist web developers create state-of-the-art website designs and offer a range of support services for small-to-medium-sized organisations.

web design service richmond penrith sydney

Select our service that best first your needs:

You’ll be drawing on our network of experts in web development , user experience and graphic designers, copywriters, SEO gurus, and cybersecurity professionals.

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You’ve done all the troubleshooting you can do, and your Mac or Windows computer or electronic device still isn’t right.

Let our expert technicians diagnose and resolve your hardware or software issues for you:

troubleshooting it pc computer mac

Get in touch with Little Computer People so we can help you:

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Networking services

You’ll have seamless, real-time file sharing, instant messaging, and more data storage when your home or business computers, devices and printers are networked. That’s handy if you or your staff are working remotely from their homes, for example.

Discuss your needs with the Little Computer People so that we can customise your networking solution by:

Options include set up or set up and maintenance to support you and your team.

network networking services sydney richmond

Find out more – call 1300 885 218 or fill in our contact form for a swift response:

Data Backup & Security

Ever been skydiving without a parachute?

It’s the same as not regularly backing up your computer data – documents, spreadsheets, emails, and images.

What will you do if faced with:

back up computer files

Any of these issues can put your business out of action for quite a while or be devastating if you’ve lost important legal documents, or other operating documents. On a personal level, these disruptions may mean the loss of precious photos or extensive family tree research, for example.

Before any of these problems happen, talk to us at the Little Computer People about your needs. We’ll analyse your setup and suggest best-fit backup solutions to give you peace of mind.

You can choose from our state-of-the-art services delivered onsite at your premises or home (local) or offsite (remote) solutions.

Keen to know more? Call 1300 885 218 or get in touch via our contact form for a speedy response:

Virus removal

virus removal sydney richmond

Our technical PC repair teams in both Richmond and Sydney can help with virus removal or repair of the damage caused by a virus or malware.

Our teams have the computer expertise to easily diagnose malware or virus problems with PCs, notebooks, networks and systems.

We eliminate the virus and restore your computer equipment to full functionality. At Little Computer People, we use specialized tools to remove virus infections, restore and protect your equipment from future computer virus attacks.

IT setup

computer repair sydney
When an old IT setup (computer system) no longer performs well or continually breaks down, you may need to purchase a new system. Little Computer People technicians can help set up your new equipment for the first time, making it work the way you want. We offer fast, efficient computer set up service at your location or home in Richmond or Sydney, whether they come from us or you purchased them somewhere else. We can help set up and connect laptops, printers, desktops, tablets and more. Eliminate the hassle of setting up your computer system, installing your favourite programs and transferring all of your data to the new device. We do it for you! In both our computer repair shops in Richmond and Sydney!

Computer upgrades

computer repair sydney

Computer upgrades

When you need a computer or laptop upgrade in the Richmond or Sydney area, our 12 years of expertise qualifies us to upgrade your PC, laptop, network or computer hardware, as well as our experience in handling this type of repair work with brands such as Apple, HP, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and more. When things go amiss or when it’s time to change your entire computer ecosystem, we can provide all the computer equipment you need, from new cases to cables to entire computer networks. Our purpose is simple, to offer you the right computer upgrade for your system. We want to ensure that you have the computer equipment that offers you the computing power you need.